Travelers FAQ

World's First Traveler's App to Connect and Book with Hotels Directly

  • Travelers General FAQ

  • What is HelloHotel?

    HelloHotel is the world’s first online platform that provides stress-free travel by connecting travelers to travel accommodations like hotels, resorts, service apartments, homestays, etc. Here the travelers can search, chat & get answers to all their questions directly from property owners/Managers and book.

  • How does it work?

      Search for the hotels using natural language

      Select the hotel you are interested and chat.

      Get your questions answered, negotiate rates, request for personalized services and book at your convenience.

      If you don’t have time searching for the hotels or not sure which hotel to contact, just post your requirements and Sakhi your virtual travel assistant will assist you by connecting to the hotels matching your requirements. The hoteliers will revert back with answers to your questions and with competitive quotes. You get multiple quotes from multiple hotels to choose from.

  • What types of accommodations can I book at helloHotel?

    HelloHotel provides a listing of several travel accommodation types like hotels, lodges, resorts, service apartments, homestays, villas, cottages, holiday rentals, hostels, dormitories, heritage hotels, house boats, etc.

  • Which are the cities helloHotel is serving?

    HelloHotel at present is serving Bangalore, Goa, Puducherry, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Alappuzha, Kochi, Hyderabad,Chennai,Mysore,Coorg and Chikkamagalur. If your Travel Destination is not available, please click here to request for your favorite destination to the HelloHotel, we will be happy to serve your destination.

  • How is helloHotel different than other travel apps?

    HelloHotel is neither an OTA nor a travel agent. It is a one-stop technology platform connecting travelers to hotels and other hospitality service providers directly to have stress free travel

  • Account creation and login FAQ

  • How do I register at HelloHotel app?

       Download and install the App from the Play Store.

       Register using your mobile number and password. You will get one-time verification OTP. Enter the OTP and the registration is complete. It is that simple!

  • Enquiry and communication process

  • How do I search for a Hotel?

    Click on Sakhi virtual travel assistant in the chat screen. Type your search query like “hotels in bangalore”. Sakhi will display the list of hotels.

  • How do I contact Hotel?

    You can contact the hotel by clicking “chat now” or “contact now” button in hotels listing screen against the hotel that you are interested in.

  • How do I send my requirements to hotels?

    Click on the Smiley face Post your requirements Icon on the top right corner or on the button Post your requirements here in hotel listing Screen. Fill up the requirement form and click Post Now

  • How will the hotel contact me when I post my requirements?

    You will get an alert in the chat screen whenever the hotel initiates the chat with you.

  • Hotel Website/Content Display FAQ

  • How do I view the hotel’s details?

    If a hotel has a website, there will be a Website link displayed below the hotel name. Click on the Website link to go to a hotel’s web site.

  • Why some hotels content/website is slow or getting errors or not opening?

    HelloHotel displays the hotel’s content/Website directly from the hotel’s website in the app. Some hotel’s content may be slow or may have errors as this content is hosted on third party platform which is beyond the control of helloHotel. In case you find difficulty in viewing the hotel’s content, please chat with the concerned hotel who will be happy to help you with all the information you require.

  • Why some hotel’s booking page is slow or getting errors or not opening when I click on “Book Now” Button?

    HelloHotel displays the hotel’s booking link directly from the hotel’s website in the app. Some hotel’s booking links may be slow or may have errors as this content is hosted on third party platforms which is beyond the control of hellohotel. In case you find difficulty in booking the room, please chat with the concerned hotel and they will be happy to help you with the booking.

  • Why some hotel website’s display is not proper or not mobile friendly?

    HelloHotel directly displays the hotel’s webpages in the app. If the hotel has not optimized its website to be mobile-friendly, you may see some of the hotel’s information not clearly displayed in the app. In case you find difficulty in viewing the hotel’s content please chat with the concerned hotel who will be happy to help you with all the information you need.

  • Groups and Co-Travelers Communication FAQ

  • How do I create a group?

     Click on the start conversation icon at the bottom right corner of chat listing screen.

     Click on Group Chats tab.

     Click on create Group Icon at the bottom right corner.

     Enter the group name and choose participants.

  • How do I invite my co-travelers to join my Group?

     Click in the group you have created.

     On the top right menu click on the invite contact.

     Choose contact.

  • Support FAQ

  • How do I contact HelloHotel support?

      Email any questions to

     Through the App, you can add to your contacts in conversation window and send your query.

  • Language Translation FAQ

  • How do I use Google Translate?

     On your Android phone or tablet, install Gboard.

     Open HellHotel App.

     Tap on the text box where you type message.

     At the top of the keyboard, tap Open features menu.

     Tap Translate Google Translate

     Pick the language to translate from.

     Pick the language to translate into.

     Enter your text. You'll get a preview as you type. You can tap the preview to see variations of the translation.

     Click message send button to send the message