Value for Money for Property Owners & Managers

Know Your Guests Before They Book

Interact with Your Customers and Guests Directly

Interact Directly with Travelers Before, During and After Booking

Direct Interaction with Travelers

 Add Human and Personal Touch by Interacting Directly with Prospective Hotel Guests.

 Know Your Guests Requirements Even Before They Book.

 Discover Customer Pain Points.

 Faster Problem Resolutions.

Increase Hotel / Resort Revenue and Bookings

Increased Sales and Revenue

  Chatting Directly with Travelers Drives 3x to 5x More Conversions.

 Your Sales Team Will Have Instant Access to Prospective Guests/Customers.

  No Commission on Bookings.

  Increased Revenue by Upselling and Cross-Selling.

Hotels, Resorts, Service Apartments, Homestays Improve Customer Service

Improved Customer Service and Loyalty

 Travelers Feel More Confident Booking Hotels That Give Easy, Stress-Free and Instant Support.

 By Chatting, Solve the Travelers' Problems Faster and Assure Your Guest That You Are There When They Need You.

 Improved Customer Satisfaction by Staying in Continuous Touch with Your Guests.

 Personalize Guest Experience and Provide Real-Time Services Before, During and After Booking.

Low Cost Marketing Channel for Hotels, Resorts,Homestays

Reduced Expenses

  Phone Sales and Support Is Costly – Both in Terms of Man Hours and Telephone Bills.

  HelloHotel - Low-Cost Sales & Marketing Channel for Your Property.

Communicate with Travelers with Ease

Expand Market Reach

 Expand Your Market Reach Across Regional and International Travelers.

  Remove Language Barriers - Hotels Can Translate Messages Back and Forth in Real-Time Using Inbuilt Google Keyboard.

Chat with Hotels Guest Simultaneously.

Handle Simultaneous Enquiries

 Higher Conversion on Zero Investment, Less Resource and Faster Turnaround Time.

  Chat Enables Your Staff to Multitask and Assist Several Guests at Once.

  Increased Hotel Staff Efficiency.

Increase Hotel and Resort Website Visitors

Increase Your Hotel Website Visitors

 Get Genuine Travelers to Your Property Website. You Can List Any of Your Property Type like Hotel, Lodge, Resort, Homestay, Service Apartment, Villa, Holiday Rental, Etc

Chat with Hotel Guests Privately and Securely

Chat Privately and Securely

 All Your Chats Will Have End to End Encryption.

 Your Messages Are Not Stored on Our Servers.

Share Hotel Content like Photos, Offers to Prospective Customers

Simple and Intuitive

 Easy to Use Chat Interface.

  Share Hotel Photos, Quotations, Order Confirmations.

  No Training Is Required for the Hotel Staff to Use the App.

Track the Number of Enquiries for Your Hotel

Track Your Enquiries

  Track Travel Trends in Your City.

  Get Conversion Insights Using Inbuilt Dashboard.