Service Providers' FAQ

World's First App Connecting Travelers and Hotels

  • General FAQ

  • What is HelloHotel? What are the features of HelloHotel?

    HelloHotel is the world’s first online platform that provides stress-free travel by connecting travelers to travel accommodations like hotels, resorts, service apartments, homestays, etc. Here the travelers can search, chat & get answers to all their questions directly from hoteliers and book instantly.

  • How will HelloHotel help my business?

     Increase Room Occupancy.

     No Commission to HelloHotel on Bookings.

     Increase Revenue by Upselling and Cross-Selling.

     Interact Directly with Prospective Hotel Guests.

     Provide Personalized Services to Your Guests.

     Handle Multiple and Simultaneous Enquiries.

     Due to Continuously Changing Travelers’ Demands, Know Your Guests’ Requirements Even Before They Book.

     Find out How Many Prospective Travellers Are There in Your City.

     Improve Customer Satisfaction by Staying in Continuous Touch with Your Guests.

     Get Your Guest Feedback Instantly.

     Track Your Booking Enquiries.

     Promote Your Property to HelloHotel Travelers.

     Share Content.

     Communicate in Customer’s Language Using Instant Google Translate.

  • What types of accommodations can I publish in HelloHotel platform?

    HelloHotel provides a listing of several types of travel accommodations like hotels, lodges, resorts, service apartments, homestays, villas, cottages, holiday rentals, hostels, dormitories, heritage hotels, house boats, etc.

  • Which are the cities HelloHotel is serving?

    HelloHotel at present is serving Bangalore, Goa, Puducherry, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Alappuzha, Kochi, Hyderabad,Chennai,Mysore,Coorg and Chikkamagalur. If your property city is not available, please click here to invite HelloHotel to your city.

  • Account Creation and Property Setup

  • How do I enroll in HelloHotel?

     Click here to Register your Property

     Select Your Pricing Plan and Payment Method.

     Complete the registration and upon verification, download the APP and start receiving enquiries from travelers.

  • How long will it take to set up my property?

     If you have a website, upon completion of registration and subscription, your property will be available to the HelloHotel users within 48 working hrs.

     If you don’t have a website, your property will be available once you update your hotel information in the HelloHotel App.

  • Enquiry and Booking Process

  • How do I receive enquiries/leads?

    When the traveler clicks “Chat Now” button or posts his requirements, you will get a notification in the app. The traveler will be added to your contact list automatically. You can just chat with him.

  • How do I enable the booking of my property?

     You can send your bank details in the chat screen to the guest to do a wire transfer.

     If you have an online booking link, you can publish the same, when the traveler clicks on “Book Now” button, he will be directed to your property booking link.

  • Security and Privacy FAQ

  • How secure is my chat with my customers?

    All your chat has End to End Encryption transmitted over https protocol. The messages are encrypted and decrypted on your mobile device and not stored on our servers.